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Dance photo day information for schools

To the dance school we offer a $2 commission on each order, we also offer the dance studio a rental fee for using their space for the session, $80.00 for half day session or $140.00 for a full day session.

Image orders are printed through a professional print lab, packaged individually and delivered to the school for each student or parent to collect from the dance studio.

To students and parents we offer an early bird special of 5% discount on their orders if they purchase within the first week, plus the option to purchase in packages for an extra discount.

Images from the session are placed in a gallery for all sales to take place online, so there is no issue with collecting money or chasing up orders with students and parents, everything is taken care of for you.

Both printed and digital images can be purchased from the gallery, the option to purchase prints is available for 5 weeks before the print order goes to the lab, after this time they can still order digital images only. This time frame of 5 weeks is negotiable depending on the time of year, as finances for parents can be stretched at different times of the year, so I am happy to extend it if needed.

Digital files are delivered via download and are available within 24 hours of purchasing.

All the images from the gallery will be provided to the school as digital files for them to use in their marketing, on the website, and on social media. **

As an added bonus during the photo shoot we also will photograph all the staff at the school and provide these head shots free of charge to the school to use for their promotional images and website

This is a sample gallery for you to view

Dance photo day

Dance photo day

Step 1: Planning the day

After choosing a date, it is important that a schedule is put together for the shoot so that we can time manage the day. To do this I will gather all the information that I can about your requirements for the day.

Some of the information that I will require is how many group shots are required, and how many costume changes per group. Are we photographing individuals as well as groups, class sizes and age ranges for the classes etc.

In the lead up to the day it’s advisable that the school advertise the photo day at least 2 -3 months out from the day so as to give parents enough notice to make sure the student can be there, and that it can be a successful event for the school.

It’s also advisable to repeat the advert as parents don’t always get a chance to read everything sent out by the school because they are so busy.

MBP. Marina Birch photography Dance photography-8.jpg

step 2: studio set up

On the day of the session-

The photographer will set up the photo studio at your location, and they will need at least 60 minutes to do this, the studio needs to be open and available at least 1 full hour from the scheduled start time, it also needs to be free of any of any obstructions. Any furniture etc.. needs to be moved in advanced of the photographer arriving.

The photographer will require at least two separate power points for electrical studio lighting, plus a close car park for loading and unloading.

MBP. Marina Birch photography Dance photography-12.jpg

Step 3: Photographing the session

During the session it is preferred that with each group or individual student that comes in front of the camera, that a teacher or coach is standing next to the photographer to help the student with posing, this is to make sure that proper technique is used for the pose. The photographer will also give some direction with what works best in regards to angles and the light and shadows, but the majority of the posing ideas should already be worked out before the student steps in front of the camera.

This ensures that we stay on schedule and maximise the amount of poses & images that each student gets a chance to have taken. It also ensures students are working within their own ability according to their age etc..

It’s really important to note that the only people apart from the photographer allowed in the studio at the time of shooting, are the ones being photographed, along with a teacher or coach, exceptions can be made in the case of an anxious or nervous child.

Outfit changes are to take place in another area, and students waiting to have their turn in front of the camera are also to wait in another area. This prevents excess noise and carryon by students waiting, and also stops the students from being distracted whilst we work with them.

Students need to dressed and ready for each time slot that they are on the schedule, if they are not ready then it’s a possibility that they may miss out.

A copy of the schedule should be sent to each student or guardian in an email that they can print up, copies of the schedule should also be printed up on display at the school in advance, the photographer will also have a copy to work from on the day.

MBP. Marina Birch photography Dance photography-7.jpg

What Happens next?

*It usually takes around 7 _14 days for the images to edited and placed in a gallery, during peak periods this can be a little longer.

*The gallery images are watermarked to prevent stealing.

*The parents and students are then invited to view the images and make their purchases of either prints or digitals directly from the gallery website.

*There is a $15 minimum purchase per customer

*Images can be placed in packages to receive discounts

*There is a an extra 5% discount available if they place their order within 7 days of the invitation to view

*There is a five week window of opportunity to place an order for prints, after this time all the print orders are placed with the lab and the print option to purchase is turned off, they can still however still place orders for digitals at any time.

*The digitals are delivered via an email link to download, they are high resolution and can be used to print and enlarge.

*When the print run is complete at the five week mark the school will receive a commission on all sales placed in this time frame of $2.00 per order plus you will receive a bonus studio rental fee of $60 for a half day or $140 for a full day.

*It’s expected that the school will send out reminders during this time to order at least 3-4 times over the five weeks, this will maximise sales and commissions.

*The dance school will also now receive all the edited images from the session in both high resolution and low resolution, without a watermark- Along with these images usage rights are given

to the dance school, for use in marketing, galleries, website, promotion, social media etc..

**The only exclusion on these usage rights is that they cannot be used as gifts or for sales to students or parents, all sales are exclusively through Marina Birch Photography only and images used on social media are to include a photo credit of Marina Birch Photography

*Approximately 1-2 weeks after the print run finishes the images will be individually packaged and ready for delivery to the school, the school will then make arrangements with parents to pick them up from the school

MBP. Marina Birch photography Dance photography-14.jpg

Pricing and packages for prints and digital images

Individual image sizes for prints are available in following sizes and prices

(sizes are in inches)

6x4 print $6.50 each

5x7.5 print $7.50 each

8x10 print $14.00 each

8x12 print $18.00 each

Digital high resolution files $15.00 each

Digital files are provided to the customer via a link to download as high resolution files - these files are suitable for printing and enlarging.

Early Bird Special

Orders received with in the first 7 days of the gallery invitation will receive an extra 5% off of their purchases.

Print Packages

Packages can be made up of mix of any images from your gallery.

Print package 1 $30.00 - 3 images printed at 6x4 and 1 at 8x10

Print package 2 $36.00 - 3 images printed at 5x7.5 and 1 at 8x12

Print package 3 $65.00 - 10 images printed at 5x7.5

Print Package 4 $68.00 - 12 images printed at 6x4

Digital high resolution image packages-

6 digitals for $75.00 (this brings the price down to $12.50 each)

12 digitals for $132.00 (this brings the price down to $11.00 each)

20 digitals for $200.00 (this brings the price down to $10.00 each)

Extra options for image retouching in Photoshop are available, these options can be viewed in the purchase menu on the gallery website.

Here is another gallery sample to view