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Family session with Cody

This session took place with my Nephews family, their son Cody started Chemo this week to battle his cancer, the cancer was only discovered just a few days before this session took place. My Niece has started a blog to help get through this journey as a way of not only get it all off her chest, but also as way for their family and friends to keep updated on his condition.  This is their story if you would like to read about it, it also includes a link to a go fund me project to help the family cope with all the time that my nephew who works for himself will be away from work and at the hospital and looking after cody through his treatment, unfortunately working for your self means that if you don't work then you don't get paid. To my nephew and niece and their boys Jack and Cody we are all thinking of you and wishing Cody a very speedy recovery xox

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