On Location, environmental and studio head shot sessions

Head shots for professionals, business and corporate

For professional head shots, corporate & commercial photography look no further, as a skilled professional photographer Marina has the experience and expertise to showcase you and your business, to make you stand out from the crowd.

 We cater for website photography, LinkedIn & social media, business cards, online & printed media such as blogs & newsletters, through to press releases, what ever your needs are, we would love to work with you and give you the images you want.


We offer  

a few different options, from those just needing a single head shot image to those needing a styled portfolio of images, and of course we also cater for teams and multiple staff members.


 Individual head shot session

This is a ten minute session here at our studio in Highbury (15-20 minutes drive from the Adelaide CBD), In this session we take a few different poses and offer you a gallery of images to choose your favourite, your chosen images will be retouched and provided to you as digital files. This session can also be done on location at your place of business with our mobile studio set up. Prices for this session start at $75 per individual with option for discount on 5 or more people, for more information on this session please contact us for details and availability


Team and group head shots sessions

If you have a team of staff that all require head shots then we can highly recommend one of our Team sessions which can easily accommodate larger groups of individuals, we can come to you and set up at your location, with minimal fuss and distraction from your work day. Team sessions start at $390.00 and we are more than happy to give you a quote for your specific needs, just give us a call, or use the inquiry form below


Portfolio session

We are often asked to photograph a selection of styled images showcasing you in different environments. For this, we would recommend a Portfolio session, it's perfect for those needing a combination of images, with different poses, wardrobe options, props and background choices.

On location head shots

On location head shots

Environmental portrait for a press release for the Adelaide University South Australia

Environmental portrait for a press release for the Adelaide University South Australia

Full length head to toe studio business portrait

Full length head to toe studio business portrait

Frequently asked questions 


Do you retouch the images?

Images are retouched and edited with a quick turn around on delivery.

Images are presented as digital files for both print and web versions which can be used for documents, brochures, press releases, portfolio & business cards, your website, LinkedIn profile, and other social media as needed.

Do you have a studio we can use?

Marina Birch photography has a studio located in Highbury, which is less than 20 minutes drive from the Adelaide CBD. 

Can you come to us for the photography session?

Marina Birch photography can come to your place of business and offer a studio experience to suit your needs

Can we book in a make up artist for our session?

Yes, Marina works with a number of professional make up artists and can organise for one to be at your session, you just need to let us know so we can tee it up for you.

What should I wear to my head shot session and how should I prepare for it? 

We recommend wearing what you would normally wear to work but make sure that it's the best version of that, so make sure your clothes are freshly laundered and ironed, remove any pet hair with a clothes brush. Jackets always look more professional than bare arms (particularly for corporate). If you need to update an outfit than sure go ahead, there is nothing quite like a new outfit to make you feel more confident. Dress to impress the clients that you want to attract to your business.  Feel comfortable to bring a second option of jacket or top if you are not sure or want a second look for your images.

For your hair, consider whether you may need a visit to the hairdresser to have a trim or to touch up your colour if it needs it, 

For men, if you shave; then clean shaven will look better than a look of forgotten to shave, if you have a beard just then make sure it's tidy and trimmed.

A couple of things to avoid if possible for your session - busy patterns or patterns that may cause a strobe effect in the image such as check patterns.

Once you have decided on you background options then avoid wearing a colour top that will blend. For example, white on white will look bland and black on black has a disappearing effect.

Check your finger nails, if you are wearing polish than make sure its a fresh colour with no chipping or make sure to remove it completely

Make up and jewellery, best advice I can give here is don't overdo it, keep it simple.

I am also happy to answer any other questions you may have about your session.



Call us directly on 0417 816 782, or fill in the form below, we will send you list of services and prices and answer your query for you.

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