Studio Policies

Personal cameras are not allowed in the studio during your session

You will be able to view your portraits online in the client gallery with in 2 weeks of your session, unless otherwise arranged

While Marina does capture many images during your session, you will see only those images selected by her, the artist, for previewing. She carefully renders each image to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection. Images with eyes blinking, heads turned, duplicates, etc. will not be shown and are removed from my archives permanently after the artist rendering is complete.

Rights to Ownership of digital files

Marina Birch retains the rights to the commercial Copyright of all the images captured, and may have use of any the images of the client for display with social media, promotional material and website portfolio.

Marina Birch does not take responsibility for any printing that is not carried out by her, all printing carried out by Marina Birch is taken care of by a professional printing lab (that works exclusively with professional photographers). Marina Birch can provide a list of preferred Photographic labs for your printing when you receive the files.

Specified images Marina Birch will endeavour to capture all requested images but cannot guarantee every specific request

Payment policies

For individual head shot sessions at the studio, payment is due at the time of the session (unless otherwise arranged), payments can made in person via cash, or online via bank transfer or alternatively via Paypal (which incurs a 3% fee)

For multiple head shots on location at business premises you will receive an invoice with notice of seven days to pay 

The session fee pays for the time and talent of the photographer, editing of images and for your online gallery and High resolution downloads

It does not include any finished printed portraits.

Editing inclusions and exclusions

Your Professional editing includes basic Light and colour correction

Removal of obvious distracting objects that cannot be moved during the session such as things that might be found on location exit signs, dirty marks from walls and power points etc..

Basic natural skin retouching- including light skin softening, reducing pores, fixing cold sores shaving cuts or rash (depending on extent of rash) light removal of pimples.

Upon request but still included in your fee-

Cropping and or background stretching

Colour conversion to Black &White

Whilst Marina will always try to light, photograph and retouch  your images in the most flattering way, Normal retouching  includes light and colour correction, & skin retouching to a natural level. it does not automatically include removal of grey hair, removal wrinkles or unwanted kilos from your frame, If you have any query's about this please feel welcome to ask for clarification. Photoshop is a very time consuming element and when advanced proceddures are requested they are often outsourced and are invoiced accordingly

Editing that is charged extra for because of the time and skill required to do it

$20 per ¼ of an hour for the following

Repairing chipped nail polish

Removing regrowth in hair colour/ touching up greys

Removing suntan lines on skin

Removing stains from from clothes / skin

Removing excessive pet hair from clothes

Heavy skin retouching

Heavy Wrinkle removing

Heavy Acne removal

Tattoo removal (depending size)

Fixing teeth –straightening, replacing, stain removal

Sliming the person in the image

Changing the colour of clothes or backgrounds

Extended background removal of items such as-

Removing large objects such as people, cars, Air conditioning units, machinery, posters graffiti, large signs etc..

Personal safety If the photographers safety ever comes in to question, or is threatened in anyway, whether it be physically, verbally, or sexually or finds that from extenuating dangerous circumstances with in close proximity to the session, that they cannot continue with the session, then the photographer will have the right to leave the location and will only return if the circumstances have been deemed or guaranteed to be safe by the photographer and all the persons involved with the session. If the situation does not change, then the photographer has the right to terminate the contract, and Marina Birch will not be liable for a claim of refund of payments made

Please feel welcome to ask for clarification on any of these subjects if unsure

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